Night Sky

The night sky

A black blanket

Speckled with millions

of silver beads

Covers the Earth

I look up and wish that

Even just a light embrace

With your arms would

Cover me as well.



No stars but it fit the mood I guess.


This Chick is Coming Through

Well, hello interweb. I hope to entertain the the readers of this blog with my views and opinions on subjects too complex for my brain or subjects that I am already comfortable with.I’m also gonna throw in a few poems from time to time. In a way this will be like an online diary for me. I hope no one takes what I say in this blog with too much seriousness. My goal as a writer is just to get better. I want to touch people and make them laugh. I’m nearing the end of this post and I so I just want to say to anyone reading this thank you for acknowledging my existence and I’m grateful for yours.


P.S.: I like photographs too so expect a lot of that.