Wolves with Problems

Just today I watched a movie titled Tomorrowland. I watched the movie prepared to hate it but surprisingly I did the opposite and absolutely loved it. I mean sure George Swooney, oops, I mean George Clooney was in it and Britt Robertson, the ever so gorgeous girlfriend of my soulmate (Dylan O’brien), but they weren’t what stood out to me at least. The movie was very persistent in conveying a message of hope, self confidence, and a message that life moves forward for the better.

In the beginning of the movie Casey (Robertson) tells her father a tale that her once told her.

There are two wolves who are always fighting.
One is darkness and despair.
The other is light and hope.
The question is: which wolf wins?

The one you feed.

That struck me so hard I just about cried during that scene. I mean holy shit Disney, I think you just helped me solve about half of life’s problems. It’s kind of saddening to hear that this movie didn’t perform so well because in the world we live in today this is a message we need to spread. In a society with racism, terrorism, global warming, world hunger and  etc. people need to be encouraged to be different and excel in whatever they are good at.

I as a person do not judge people on their jobs (I mean unless you’re some mass murderer or something of that sort). I believe that everybody had a part in this world. Here’s how I see it: I always hear about how people degrade and dis McDonald’s workers or any fast-food chain worker but they never think about how without those fast-food chains people would fare without jobs, the economy would plummet, and we may lose the fattening yet delicious french fries. So no matter what job you have just do your best.

Man, I got a little off track there, but going back to the movie. Well halfway during the film is where it got kind of messy and in my opinion a little rushed. Frank (Clooney) just willingly went back with Casey and Athena (Cassidy), I mean a person who put a pretty stubborn front you’d think that he’d try a little harder. When they finally got back to a basically trashed Tomorrowland we meet Governor Nix. When I first heard Nix’s name by the way I thought the writers were secretly trying to symbolize President Nixon and his decision in the Vietnam war. In a way they kind of did when later on in the film Casey, Frank, and Athena find a way to stop the apocalyptic device created by Frank which could have been stopped had it not been because of Nix’s decision to have some metallic disk thingy up. There folks is where I got lost.

Nevertheless the movie ended on a good note despite the discovery made about Athena and Frank’s short lived, kinda creepy romance as children tragically leading up to Athena’s death. All was well in Tomorrowland everything was moving forward positively. Frank made more robotic, or should I say audio-animatronic recruiters, Casey told her dad (whom I later freaked out over because he was Tim McGraw) who was surprisingly cool about another world showing up in front of his garage. Everything was moving forward (wink, wink) and Casey and Frank were feeding the wolf of light and hope. imgres-1